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Lance Perry is a former United States Marine, and is presently an IndyCar tire changer. His primary education is from Indiana University in Exercise Science(CSCS in progress). Lance currently works for the Panther Racing IndyCar team (pantherracing.com) in the role of Human Performance and Health and Wellness Coordinator. In this position, he develops and implements the off-season training program for the IndyCar pit crew, including video analysis of pit stops during the season; and the Health and Wellness program for entire company year-round.

Lance began working with athletes in Cleveland , Ohio in 2003 and has since worked with athletes in multiple sports across various levels of development. His clients have excelled in boxing, basketball, football, and racing. In addition to his expertise in sports-specific physical training, Lance is very knowledgeable in Sports Nutrition and will soon begin studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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