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Excellent strength and conditioning trainers are hard to come by. It seems like just about anyone can put “personal trainer” on a business card and get to work.
Did you know…

you DON’T NEED A CERTIFICATION to be a personal trainer, in Indiana?

Nowadays, a person can even get certified without leaving their home through various online programs. There is also an ever-increasing, yet perplexing trend of out-of-shape personal trainers-how can you help someone get into shape if you don’t even have the drive to stay fit yourself?

So, how can someone effectively teach and MOTIVATE others to get into shape if they have never done it themselves and don’t know what it takes to push themselves mentally and physically? It’s simple… THEY CAN’T.

AND how can you wade through the sea of synthetic strength and conditioning trainers to find the one that can take your fitness to the next level?

A few qualities to look for in a good program:

  • DedicationEffective trainers are completely dedicated to the improvement of your conditioning and well-being.
  • Produces Results — Produce REAL results. Check for testimonials or find someone who’s worked in the program/s before.
  • RESOLUTE – Strength and Conditioning trainers must be tough and determined. Getting in shape is NOT easy. It takes gallons of sweat and tears, wrung out through hours of HARD WORK! You’re going to need someone who won’t be easy on you during the grind.
  • Encouraging – This one is HUGE when it comes to finding the right program. Strength and conditioning trainers need to be experts in encouragement and positive reinforcement. Getting in shape is a HUGE exercise in mental toughness; you need a trainer that will say the right thing, at the right time, to motivate you to reach your full potential. It is easy to quit on yourself, so you need to find someone who can go to war with your inner-voice and push you past the limit.
  • KNOWLEDGE – This is a no-brainer. Strength and conditioning trainers need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body, specific workouts, warm-ups, cool-downs, stretches, and nutrition.
  • Personable — You must have a solid and friendly relationship with your trainers for maximum efficiency


In our Our COMBAT CONDITIONING class we’ve taken some of the best aspects of Cross-Fit, Kettlebell, and Dinosaur training and focused it into a single class that will get anyone whipped into perfect Combat ready shape.


The ultimate in weight loss, strength gain, and over-all fitness. Our Combat Conditioning classes are a fun alternative to the boring grind you will experience at your typical gym.



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